WaterRock Energy Economics (HK) Limited is a market and economic consultancy with a focus on power and gas sector in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asian markets.   In the name, "Water" represents renewable and "Rock" represents fossil fuel.  We focus on robustly understanding and analyzing the interaction between renewables, gas and coal in Asia. 

In the past four years, we have worked for regulators, financial institutions, power and gas infrastructure investors, large end-users and reputable international consultancies on electricity market design, sustainability themes and strategies, role of gas, opportunity and risk assessment in solar, wind, energy storage capacity and gas infrastructure investment.  We are also power modelling specialists and provide quantitative modelling support and advisory on regulated and competitive electricity markets in Asia.  

We work hard to provide thoughtful, practical and independent insights and solutions for our clients and partners.

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The team have a strong track record of providing valuable advisory services on:

  • Regulatory/policy analysis on competitive electricity markets such as Singapore, the Philippines and South China (e.g. we are currently involved in the design of forward capacity market in Singapore and studying the long term technology mix to achieve Singapore's long term carbon emission targets (including imports, hydrogen and CCS);

  • Role of flexible capacity and the economics of flexible power capacity and associated energy infrastructure in Asia (In early 2020, we were invited by JBIC to present to the Philippines' Energy Committee of the Senate and Philippines' House of Representatives on the role of natural gas and economics of building new LNG terminals in the Philippines);

  • Challenges and opportunities for a greener future in Asia.  In 2021, we worked with the Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) on a topic of Accelerating Clean Energy in Southeast Asia.   Since 2018, Liutong has been invited by UBS as a China renewable expert to present to its clients on China decarbonization and renewable investment trend.  For example, he presented the topic "Facing the Challenges of a Greener Future in China" in the UBS Asia Energy, Utilities, and Materials Conference 2020.  

  • Market studies and economics of building/investing in power and gas infrastructure assets in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Greater China region and other Asian countries

    • Detailed market/due-diligence studies and pool price forecast on power markets in Singapore, the Philippines and other ASEAN markets

    • Detailed market/due-diligence studies for investing in power and gas sector in mainland China.  We have a long and strong track record of providing provincial level supply and demand analysis, market and regulated tariff forecast, solar and wind curtailment assessment and forecast, subsidy delay analysis and forecast. 

    • Detailed market/due-diligence studies on the gas and power market in Taiwan. 

  • Power dispatch and capacity expansion optimization modelling;

  • Power and gas tariff projection; and

  • Tariff benchmarking.

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