Recent Project Sample

  • Enhancement of electricity market design of Singapore competitive electricity market:  We have been involved in an important electricity market design project for Singapore regulator, Energy Market Authority (EMA), since Feb 2019.  We are tasked to help EMA to create a forward capacity market to ensure its reliability standards can be met in the medium- and long-term.  

  • Taiwan Power Market Reform: We are helping one of the Taiwanese research institutes to provide training materials and workshops on best practices of international power market reform for Taipower. 

  • Research support on electricity reform for one of the Chinese grid companies: We have been providing research support on electricity market reform for one of the Chinese grid companies since late 2018.

  • Market Studies on Chinese solar and wind sector: We provide detailed analysis on the Chinese solar and wind sector for potential international investors.

  • Market Studies on China gas/LNG market: We provide province-by-province analysis on Chinese gas/LNG market

  • Study on Taiwan Power and Gas Market: We completed a detailed study on the opportunities and risks of investing in the Taiwanese power and gas market in 2019.

  • Market study of small hydro-power sector in China: We completed a study on the tariff trend and potential curtailment issues of a portfolio of small hydro-power plants in Fujian, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, and Guizhou in China in 2019. 

  • Market entry and power optimization modelling studies in the Philippines renewable and gas market:  In 2020, we did two studies on market entry and wholesale electricity market price projection for solar assets in the Philippines.  

  • Detailed Energy Mix Study in the Philippines:  We carried out a detailed energy mix study and assess the role of gas in the Philippines for a reputable financial institution in 2019

  • Economics of a LNG Terminal in Asia: We completed a project to evaluate the economics of building a LNG Terminal and help to formulate an implementation strategy to build the LNG terminal (if proven economical) in one of the Asian countries in H1 2019.

  • Multi-client study (MCS) on Singapore Power and Gas Market:  We completed a comprehensive multi-client study on Singapore power and gas market.  The MCS provides valuable insights for existing and new investors in Singapore as well as regulators or foreign companies who want to understand how Singapore has reformed its electricity sector since early 1990s. 

  • Average vs marginal pricing.  Gas pooling from both domestic and international sources and then selling to customers at a weighted average price is a common practice in most Asian gas market.  We completed a study to analyze the pros- and cons- of unbundling the basket of gas and selling to customers at marginal cost in different regions in H2 2018. 

  • Chinese gas and power market.  We are doing an internal exercise to systematically put all the publicly available data and information in one place, and study key trends, investment opportunities and risk.   We are also working on multi-client studies and research-based products related to the Chinese energy market. 

  • China's power dispatch model.  As electricity tariffs and dispatch are increasingly based on market drivers in China, we are building power dispatch models for different provinces in China based on an internationally well-established approach (i.e. load duration curve with long term least cost optimization).   

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